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About Anne

My passion is living and working among the gifts of the earth and sea: gemstones, crystals, and pearls. From a very early age I have been a seeker of truth. This journey has lead me to study yoga, reiki, healing touch, rebirthing and crystal therapeutics. This infused my innate sense of knowing and “Joyful Jewelry” was born.


Each piece is created with intention as various gems, crystals, and pearls can enhance the well-being of the wearer. Thoughts are energy and have an electromagnetic life to attract  positive vibration. Crystals come in many colors and amplify our energy through their qualities, gems and crystals serve to remind us 0f who we are in relationship to the world and act as a gateway to our  inner selves and other realms. Precious and semi-precious stones evoke memories, both conscious and unconscious.


It is often in my dreams that I receive inspiration to create a particular piece using certain gems together to create a synergistic vibration. The mineral kingdom guides my inner sight and allows me to gather the potential energies of gems, crystals, and pearls in balance and harmony.

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